Thursday, 28 June 2012

Superstar DJ Career Update

So thanks to getting off my own backside, putting in the hard work of organising and running a night I have now had my second and third DJ sets in a public setting.

I played for an hour 4-5pm and then 8-9pm, and also a couple of tunes in the last hour but I had lost my brain by then and couldn’t concentrate properly...I was a little overwhelmed!

I would love to give you a list of tracks that I played but I cannot remember half of them because it was a case of pick them, play them and move onto the next one.  I didn’t have much of a plan.  However, I do remember playing the following, in no particular order:

My top tunes are always listed here.  I might take a pen and paper next time so I can answer those "what did you play questions".

There is another DJ set in the pipeline which is in Basingstoke on 21st July, in the evening and apparently I am allowed to play whatever I like.  Ho, ho ho.  Minimal mixed with Whigfield, here we come.

The next Free House Project is Saturday 1st September – though it would be nice to find somewhere else in Reading to play before then...not too subtle a hint.

Oh and here are the DJ stats of my career so far that I am sure you are dying to know:

Rihanna Request Count: Zero
Decent Request Count: One (I would have played it but I was going down a different route in my head and not enough time)
Blow Job Offer Count: Zero
Champagne Bottles Given To DJ: Zero
Grams of Cocaine Offered To DJ: Zero

Not quite superstar yet...

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Death To Vocals (A Love Story) - My Third Recorded Mix

This is actually my third mix of project Superstar DJ, despite it being released 4th.

You know I like to do things differently.  Perhaps too differently this time though.

The other thing about it is that I tried to make it a concept mix, so not only just trying to pick music that flows but also that told a story – in this case a love story.  Whether it works or not I will leave up to you to judge – it worked brilliantly when I was in the right mood but in the cold light of day I think I may have ruined it with my "extra touches".

Before you ask - the love story is just a love story.  It isn't based on my life or anyone else I know.

I do not think this is my best, other DJs tell me you get more self-critical as you go on, and I think perhaps I am trying to run before I can walk, so for my next mix I am going to try to go back to basics, stick to one genre or two.  And keep the microphone switched off - oh well you have to try things don't you?

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Azari & Iii - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
2. No Regular Play - Lookin'
3. Tanner Ross - 4u (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
4. Nine Kraviz - You Take
5. Noir - Around (Solomun Remix)
6. Luca C & Brigante - Different Morals (Clockwork Remix)
7. David K - Somewhere In My Head (Deetron Remix)
8. Pillow Talk - The Come Back
9. Duke - So In Love With You (Gummihz Edit)
10. Whodini - Friends
11. Human League - Don't You Want Me (Extended Mix)
12. Steffi - Sadness
13. My Favourite Robot - Wakinda Park (Art Department Edit)

And why - 

1. Azari & Iii - Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix) - This is a brilliant track to warm up with, it comes in too parts and it builds up a romantic story.
2. No Regular Play - Lookin' - A super next track to build up the mix more and hopefully get people warmed up to the idea of dancing, and also it seems to tell a story of being stood up.
3. Tanner Ross - 4u (Deniz Kurtel Remix) - This is a bhttp://www.mixcloud.com/jamesthemonkeh/death-to-vocals-a-love-story/it more mellow and also a slightly sad track, with the girl saying sorry in a way.
4. Nine Kraviz - You Take - A James Winfield mix is not a James Winfield mix without a bit of Nina Kraviz and she develops the story by advising that she is poison for the other person's love.
5. Noir - Around (Solomun Remix) - This is such a massive track, and such a fantastic track - and with an increasingly bitter guy thinking "what goes around comes around"
6. Luca C & Brigante - Different Morals (Clockwork Remix) - A bit more of a relaxed laid back vibe with a guy who is coming to the conclusion that they have different morals and cannot be together.
7. David K - Somewhere In My Head (Deetron Remix) - I slowed down this track quite a bit, quite an angry vocal with the increasingly annoyed and jilted guy who just wants to get out of his head.
8. Pillow Talk - The Come Back - I love this song, it comes in too parts, one slow and cute, the other rnb (yes sorry!).  And yes, he wants her back.
9. Duke - So In Love With You (Gummihz Edit) - A cracking remix of an old track - minimal mixing, it didn't really need it given the direction I am going in.  Needs no explanation as to its place in the story.
10. Whodini - Friends - Hip-hop.  Yes, a track about the value of friends, and it seems like this guy might need them.
11. Human League - Don't You Want Me (Extended Mix) - Classic 80's electro track, and the guy still cannot get over her.
12. Steffi - Sadness - A very sad house track to almost finish the mix (and a crap mix into it, oops).
13. My Favourite Robot - Wakinda Park (Art Department Edit) - Time for a walk in the park.  This track goes on for quite a time and is just perfect melancholy.

As always I would love your thoughts even if they are negative.