Saturday, 17 December 2011

DJing Update: Competent But So Much To Learn

I have had two good lessons in DJing over the last 18 hours.

Firstly, my good friend Matt came round for a mix last night, who is a very accomplished DJ, and we went back to back - I learnt various things, but what stands out is that although I know the basics of mixing and can normally beat-match fairly well, there is so much more to it.  Which I kind of knew, but it became very clear watching someone mix in my flat.

I do however seem to think I am very good at the time, with my mixing - I am regularly over-confident in life to the point of delusion at times (it is a good way to be - far better than believing that the world is going to end all the time) and my second lesson came from listening back to the recording of the mix this morning.  I am not that good.  I am not bad but equally I am not good.

Arguably I perhaps should not be so experimental with my music choices and look to change direction so often - I do have a much smoother outcome when I stick to playing music of a particular sub-genre, but that isn't really me at heart.

More importantly is the timing of my mixes and the levels - the gain (knobs which I hadn't thought about fiddling with prior to yesterday).

Anyway, I am making progress.  I will have a mix for public listening at some point soon - as soon as I do one which is reasonably fit for human ears - with no more mistakes than a Nina Kraviz set then you will be the first to be spammed continuously every hour for a month with the appropriate link to listen to it.

I am sure that it won't be long before I am playing fabric - just need to own a record label and persuade someone to release a half-decent deep house track on it, now that I can beat-match.