Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Party Announcement!

Edit - now Saturday 23rd June.

After careful consideration, I realised that the world cannot cope with two such major events on the same weekend - and let's face it, if I still have pretensions of getting in there with the royal family, then I cannot be seen to attempt to upstage Her Majesty on her big weekend.

Apologies if you had already booked hotel rooms with champagne lounges, etc but I am sure they will all still be available on Saturday 23rd June.  And I have been assured that there will be good house music around in Reading that Bank Holiday weekend too.


So just 5 days after my superstar dj launch, I have a venue booked for my first ever house music party.

4th June.  Bank holiday Monday, and the queen gave us Tuesday off too especially for the launch party.

It will be free entry.

I'll release more details when I have some more DJs of the house variety booked.  And a name for the party.  And a flyer.  And a website.  And I guess a new blog!

I will of course be playing.

Any suggestions for DJs very welcomed as I do want to look outside my usual circle as well as inside.

It is very much going to be a house party event.  Approximately 78.3% house music.

Apologies for the lack of info so far but I am way too excited to keep it quiet! x