Thursday, 4 July 2013

I Need A Torch

I had a little DJ set the other week at an event called Hubfest.

I was actually a little nervous as the event was an indie/rock event and I was the after-party DJ – what would I play?

It was held at Face Bar.  For those who haven’t been, it is a tiny bit dated and in need of a bit of love but perfect for the event and far better than playing in a pretentious nobfactory.  Mention no names.  Lo La Lame.

The DJ booth was a little small, plus I had to bring my own decks which was an effort and a half with an oncoming chest infection, thankfully I had two top guys to help with the driving and carrying, and one to share the DJing.  And it was very dark in the booth, I couldn’t see what was on my cds.

My set – well I was playing to a varying amount of people, an average of 2, and I did have a dancer for a few minutes.  I tried to play some kind of indie-feeling house tracks like the below LCD Soundsystem classic but in the end settled for playing what I enjoyed.  House.

Also the sound was set up for rock bands so I realised that I had to keep the mids and trebles low and bass high for it to sound good.

Definitely a learning set.

My conclusion is that I need a torch.

I do have some very exciting news for September but am keeping it a secret until it is announced.  It will be my biggest and more important set so far.

I am super excited but clearly my brilliance and exquistive music taste deserves it, like you all deserve the admiration and appreciation of a soon to be superstar DJ.