Monday, 3 March 2014

Less CDs

I have been pondering recently as to whether I really needed to take my large quadruple CD wallet when DJing.  It has 2 years of music in over 200 CDs, so around 2,000 tracks to choose from when I get chance to play 20 at most, usually less.

It is especially unpractical when DJing in the tiny box cupboard that is the garden DJ booth at Zeusmango as there is no space at all to rest it and I either have to lay it on the floor and squint in the darkness to see what tracks I have or rest it on my knee.

So I took a more flexible double CD-wallet and only quarter-filled it so it had about 20 CDs at most in.

It was mostly an experiment to see if it made decision-making any easier in terms of choosing which track to play next   It did but I found that I craved more choice, and that I didn’t have enough flexibility in what to play and more importantly enough warm-up tracks to choose from (why did I take so many tech-house/techno tracks for a warm-uo???!).

There is a balance to be found so I need to continue experimenting further.

My set itself went well in terms of mixing and track selection, once I had found the plugs for the CDJs!

I played mostly underground house from the likes of Seb Zito and more underground producers, finishing off on my very favourite track of this year so far – a wonderful 14 minutes long to give me chance to have a dance.

Typically for a warm-up there were very few dancers but I had plenty of compliments and managed to make everyone stop and look when the Tale Of Us remix of Primative People kicked in.  All 15 people.  I do crave a later and busier set.

I have no further sets penned in, I have been asked to do a couple but I until I see my name on a flyer or Facebook event I always class them as potential sets until my name is in writing!

Next priority is to get a new mix out there.  Or two?

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