Monday, 29 December 2014

Final DJ Set Of 2014

I cannot say that I was particularly up for DJing after a 6 hour journey back from Hull, arriving home to find no electricity downstairs, no lighting upstairs, a freezing cold house and no internet.  I was not amused.

However a few drinks and a practice mix with my very good friend, JP, I was motivated once more.

I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be very busy, and so it proved.  It was the antithesis of a sardine tin.

I took over from my aforementioned friend at 11pm to play to myself, initially, and took it down from a tech-house sound to more of a rounded house sound.  A few people arrived, however I decided to notch the tempo down a bit and play some deep house (the original kind, not the chart stuff), before bringing it back to house – it was a practice in warming up the crowd as it was totally pointless to bang it out to 15 people.

When I finished, I received a fair few compliments, people liked my music.  Which doesn’t surprise me.  I can tell my confidence in my mixing is growing too.

I then had a second set in the garden, a rather cold garden, again following a tech-house set.  As I had a few potential dancers, I continued to keep the music upbeat however as soon as the garage music inside swiftly ended, my potential dancers went inside never to return, and I was just playing to a handful of shisha pipe smokers – or in reality – just to myself.  There was no competing with the indoor warmth.

So I changed tack and drifted towards some minimal, playing this below beauty.

I then decided to go into my own world and just play some Villalobos tracks, and as soon as I had cued up the first, the bouncer came over and gave me the throat-slitting sign, which I presumed was my signal to cut the music as opposed to any particular upcoming danger to my wellbeing.

I enjoyed it and people enjoyed my music which is more important.  It was a practice in playing to an empty room which is no bad thing - playing to an empty room is far more difficult than playing to a full dancefloor.

Next up I am back at the Purple Turtle which will be interesting as it falls in my detox month – provisionally Friday 20th February though still to be confirmed.

See you there and please follow my Mixcloud/Facebook pages – there will be a new mix out soon.