Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Economics Of DJing

I’ve just ordered another box of 50 blank CDRs and it has got me thinking about how much my hobby costs.

So they were £7.50 on Ebay.  TDK.  I remember buying TDK cassettes.  I have my doubts over the quality but maybe I should put those cassettes out of my brain.

I do buy 2-3 packs a year, easily.

I seem to need new headphones every year – although lesson learnt – never ever let anyone else use them unless you 100% trust them and always keep an eye on them.  Do not trust DJs that you do not know.  Currently I have cheap headphones, and boy don’t I know it with the rattle in my ears whenever they are on anything but bedroom level volume.

I am hoping to be able to afford a new decent pair next year.  And I will paint flowers on them so nobody wants to steal them.

Of course then there is the hardware to learn the craft.  I spent £1,200 originally on a mixer and CDJs.  I intend on buying technics next year, and will need a CD stand so my CDJs can fit above them, so I’m probably talking not too far off a grand again.  Plus I’ll either need to stabilise my desk (I broke it when moving) or buy a new desk.

I know I should buy my tunes but I don’t.  However this will change next year when I start buying vinyl.

Then there is the cost of going out.  Train fares, drink, food and any extras – the cost of a normal night out except I get a few free drinks.

But whatever it costs, when I get behind the decks and I feel the satisfaction of the first mix, all my investment is worth it – in fact, my investment is inconsequential.  It’s love.

When it is something you love doing, then the amount it costs doesn't matter - though that doesn't mean I will play for free!  Unless I really like you.

I am really lucky to have the residency that I have, and not have to whore myself out for free in the hope that someone one day might take pity on me and give me two free drinks tokens.

And speaking of which (the residency), I'll see you all there on Friday 20th November.  It's going to be a big one - a bit of a Mango re-union.

But who is hosting the after-party?