Thursday, 28 June 2012

Superstar DJ Career Update

So thanks to getting off my own backside, putting in the hard work of organising and running a night I have now had my second and third DJ sets in a public setting.

I played for an hour 4-5pm and then 8-9pm, and also a couple of tunes in the last hour but I had lost my brain by then and couldn’t concentrate properly...I was a little overwhelmed!

I would love to give you a list of tracks that I played but I cannot remember half of them because it was a case of pick them, play them and move onto the next one.  I didn’t have much of a plan.  However, I do remember playing the following, in no particular order:

My top tunes are always listed here.  I might take a pen and paper next time so I can answer those "what did you play questions".

There is another DJ set in the pipeline which is in Basingstoke on 21st July, in the evening and apparently I am allowed to play whatever I like.  Ho, ho ho.  Minimal mixed with Whigfield, here we come.

The next Free House Project is Saturday 1st September – though it would be nice to find somewhere else in Reading to play before then...not too subtle a hint.

Oh and here are the DJ stats of my career so far that I am sure you are dying to know:

Rihanna Request Count: Zero
Decent Request Count: One (I would have played it but I was going down a different route in my head and not enough time)
Blow Job Offer Count: Zero
Champagne Bottles Given To DJ: Zero
Grams of Cocaine Offered To DJ: Zero

Not quite superstar yet...