Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Set @ Zeus - Time 2 Groove

So for the second time in two weeks, I headed to Zeusmango for the next step on the path to DJ superstardom.

A totally different set this time, inside rather than outside, and despite being the first DJ of the night, I played up-tempo house music at 124bpm pretty much from the off.  Normally for a warm-up set I wouldn’t play as such, I would play much deeper house music, but with most of the early arrivals coming straight from a boat party, the job was to keep them on a level and not deflate them.

I have noticed that both sets recently I played lots of stand-out tunes – less progression than I would have preferred as a DJ or a dancer – I am not sure if this is because I don’t have the right sort of tunes, or if it is just because I don’t know my tunes well enough.  Anyone that knows me knows my thirst for new music – listening to a minimum of 100 new tunes a week to find that next amazing track.

(2 Groove)

I did prepare much more this time, and had a pretty good idea of what tunes I wanted to play, although unsurprisingly I changed my mind a fair bit on the night – and then run out of time with still about 7 I dearly wanted to play.  Please can I have a 2 hour set next time?!

All the preparation in the world couldn’t prepare me for one channel of the mixer being so much quieter than the other.  I thought it might have been the track I was playing – or the CD, but no it was the mixer (well maybe it was me but I don't think so!!).  Experienced DJs would have worked around it easily or fixed it, but I was flustered and my mixing was not always what it should have been.

Plus I do need more practice with Pioneer mixers – they bring the mix in much quicker than my American Audio mixer.

In general I was happy, I had plenty of compliments from a range of people, many of whom are dear friends and friendly DJs who’s opinion I value.

The party as a whole was really good, and there were many good DJ sets and lots of good music all night.

I intend this weekend, all being well, on recording a new mix featuring some of the fantastic house tracks I played, and I few I didn’t get time to.  It will be uploaded to my Mixcloud page.

My next set is Saturday 28th September, again at Zeus.  I am not sure what time.  I will be in the garden and it is free to get in before 11pm.