Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Time To Get An Agent?

Saturday just gone was the achievement of a long-standing goal – to DJ in the garden of Mango (or whatever it is called now) for Systematik.

I had the midnight to 1am slot which I was particularly happy with.

The lesson once again was more preparation and practice required.  Despite it being a deep house and bass night, I feared starting after a DJ playing 128bpm electro-house but thankfully the promoter knows what he is doing and is very much in tune musically so all DJs that I heard both before and after me flowed very well together.  All DJs played very good music.

Without doubt, Systematik is one of the best nights around in the local area for house music and I thoroughly recommend it.  Is that enough to get booked again?!

I was indecisive right up until the final minute as to what to play, to the point of the last track of the previous DJ nearly running out on me!  Plus I hadn’t used CDJ850’s before so had to get to grips with the slight differences from what I was used to.  I really do need to learn to plan at least the first 3 tracks of my set!  I don’t really like planning sets as I prefer to do it off the cuff, but it takes a little time to get into my groove so I must insist on myself planning and practicing the first 3 tracks going forwards.  Nobody will know, nobody will read this, just you, me and the spellchecker.

I did well, I had a few compliments - not as many as last time.  I got the girls dancing which is most important, playing deep house at 122bpm with some large basslines - which sounded good on the soundsystem of the garden.

This track in particular went down well.

I also had a request (below), a respectable one too so I played it.  I made said requester's night.  And received an interesting offer in return that I chose to decline.  Possibly unprintable, even for the standards of my blog!

For those that missed out, do not fear you have two more chances upcoming.

Firstly this Saturday, 7th September at Time 2 Groove.  I will be playing in the main room from 10pm to 11pm.  Upbeat house music to get you dancing straight off - the sound system is sounding the best it probably ever has in there.  And I know my sound systems.  Please turn up ruined and ready to dance.

And then in the garden on Saturday 28th September for Luna.  I don't know my set time yet but it is free to get in before 11pm.

Free drugs and blow jobs always accepted (with some quality control).  But I won't play shit music in exchange.