Monday, 18 November 2013

2 Sets Of Headphones & 2...Sets

Dear thieving bastard, you cannot keep the next superstar DJ down for long through your jealously of my supreme talent and exceptional music taste.

Not only do I have one pair of headphones but I now have two.

I bought some American Audio headphones for the bargain price of £12.00 - just 7.7% of the price of those rather fine Sennheisers that I didn't treasure well enough.

They are not the quality of Sennheisers but they do the job.  However this gift to myself has been usurped by a gift from a good friend of his unwanted Sennheisers - they need a little repair work but they will be good to go soon.

Thanks Kevin.

So I know you are all desperate to know when you can next catch me DJing and you do not have long to wait as I will be back at Zeus this coming Friday for Digital Detox presents Lifted.  I will be DJing the main room 10pm to 11pm, it is £5 to get in.  I will buy a drink for the first guest to come up to me on the night and tell me they love my blog.  Or if you thought my blog was shit but read it anyway.

And then I am DJing in the garden on Saturday 21st December for Luna - I will be in the garden, time unknown at present, I am forecasting milder weather for the second half of December so shouldn't be too cold outside and is a perfect opportunity for some pre-Christmas shenanigans.

I would be delighted if any of my friends, stalkers or randoms came for a dance, a drink and to admire my growing mullet - the hairstyle for the most handsome DJs.

Two pairs of headphones.  Two good nights.  One mullet.