Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Digital Detox & My Ever-Inflated Ego

No don’t worry, I haven’t gone on a detox.  It was (part of) the name of a night I played for on Friday, at the invite of my favourite fellow-Bracknell credit-controller, myself not included.

I played the warm-up set.  I love warm-ups because I can play some of the deeper and more underground music I love without telling the respective promoter to fuck off as I am playing what I want to play.

Thankfully promoters seem to trust me – 25 years of listening to music, 15 years of clubbing, 11 Ibiza trips, 1000’s of hours on the dancefloor, 15 hours listening to new tracks every week and a massive 100 hours practice DJing means that I have some background experience to put to use.

My set went well, despite the lack of recent practice.  I did play quite a few tracks that I played in my last set, they are all really nice underground house tracks by the likes of Ittetsu, for example, and I don’t have that many of that particular style, then I progressed onto different territory – mixing up house, deep house, minimal and a track with an 80’s sound to it but always keeping it underground and groovy.

Just one mixing error by experimenting with a slightly odd Villalobos track as I needed a pee, at a much lower tempo which didn’t really work when mixing it out (possibly the first time ever that a Villalobos track was played in Reading, and will definitely not be the last!) – oh and I came ever so close to one track running out when I realised that my desired track wouldn’t work, just 40 seconds to go and I had to very quickly change the incoming CD and blindly play the first track.  Somehow I got away with it! I do feel ready to step up to playing something closer to a peak-time set.

I kept the mixing fairly straight-forward – I have started practicing mixing tracks backwards by flipping reverse on the incumbent track but a touch on the experimental side at the moment to say the least.

Plenty of compliments from friends, randoms, the promoters and a rather attractive barmaid.  So much so that I have been promised a bongo player over my next set.  If anyone knows where I can get some horse tranquilizer from that would be appreciated.  I wouldn’t normally advocate spiking someone’s drink but bongo players (and especially saxophonists) are deserved exceptions and according to Newsnight I believe that it doesn’t last long – it is for a very good cause.

The outcome of such love is not only my ever-inflated ego but it also looks like two further bookings, to be confirmed of course my horse.  Still no blow job offers – that is about 15 sets now FFS.  DJing is not everything they promise in the movies.

My next set is Saturday 22nd December, again at Zeus, time unknown but will be in the garden.  A perfect excuse for a pre-Christmas piss-up and I will endeavour to squeeze in at least one Christmas song.  It will be a big night.  I might even play the odd request as long as I like it enough.  Ho ho ho.