Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Project Superstar DJ Launched

OK, after a long period of consideration, a few hours after Cocoon Ibiza at a villa behind a pair of decks with one eye half-open and with 22 years of dance music knowledge and history in my brain, I have decided to take the plunge and learn properly how to DJ.

Redundancy gave me some money to spend so I decided to spend some of it wisely, and not all of it in fabric/Ibiza/Tesco on rose wine.

Like the other 1,269,586 DJs in England, I have dreams.  But no expectations, and no serious aims.

If I get to play out somewhere one day during 2012 (assuming practice does make me any good anyway) and I get 5 people dancing, that would more than satisfy me.  For now.

Whatever I do, I will try to stick to my principles and standards that I set for myself in most walks of life, but the main priority is to have fun with it.

They are CD decks that I have bought - as much as I can imagine vinyl being more satisfying, I could never afford a vinyl collection and have no space for one unless I get rid of my 1,500 cds.

Nor given my strong dislike for Traktor and other similar laptop based shenanigans could I use that, especially given my well-known opinions on it.  I have no issue with someone using Traktor at a house party - but in a club it is a no for me.  A very strong no.

I appreciate that 99.999% of my singles on my PC are downloaded without having paid for them (I buy enough albums - chill out before you fling accusations just because I am not paying for your coke habit, Mr Record Company Manager) and I think that if I ever did make any money from DJing, of which I have no expectations at all, then I would commit to ensuring that some of this money is invested back into the music world as opposed to funding more rose wine for me.  Not all, but certainly a respectable percentage.

I thoroughly believe that downloading music for free is more than acceptable for many reasons that I won't argue here but making money from such would cross my personal beliefs.

Anyway, that is me.  I have done something that I have long threatened to and now the 156 DJ friends on my Facebook profile finally have some real competition.

And just to prove how good I am - the first mix was absolutely spot on.  And that was despite the fact that I had not figured out how to get sound out of my headphones!

I shall keep you up to date with my new career.  Next post due as soon as fabric have booked me for room 3.