Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Radio Bang Bang

I don’t have a massive amount to update you on with regards to my superstar DJ project at the moment, I keep really wanting to do a new mix but for one reason or another, I am just not getting around to it.

Mostly working, travelling to work, designing and organising the Free House Project, and the joyful beaurocracy of life are all getting in the way.  That and needing to find a DJ-friendly but also a much, much cheaper place to live.

However I do have a snippet of good news for you because my good friend Muzzy, also known as Sebastien Klone, runs a weekly radio show on Hoxton FM, on Tuesday evening.  He has requested that I do a one-hour mix for one of his shows, which would be an hour, so now I need to get working on it.

Pressure is on as I would like to get it done asap – I cannot put it off forever.  Especially as it might be an extra little snippet of promotion for FHP.

I will endeavour to make it my most special yet, to warm you up for the Free House Project.  I have so many tracks to put in there!

Much love x