Thursday, 29 November 2012

Why Am I The Favourite DJ Of Only One Person????? Hello...


And I mean that in a camp, sarcastic kind of tone.

I'm sat here wondering what position I will come in in the Resident Advisor DJ poll this year, having yet again failed to finish about Jimmy Saville in the DJ Mag poll (though that one is a bag of shit and we all know that), and I had a glance at my DJ page on Resident Advisor to find that I only have one fan.

ONE solitary fan.

Only one person has me as one of their favourite DJs.

Maybe this means I will sneak into the top 100 as a total surprise, but maybe not.  How many years do I have to wait?  I've been DJing for over a year now.

Ricardo Villalobos is a favourite of 12959 RA users.
Sven Vath is a favourite of 6803 RA users.
Even Swedish House Mafia are a favourite of 653 RA users.

For fuck's sake - Skrillex has 332 more people that rate him as a favourite than I have.

Surely I am better and more popular than Skrillex?  I have a real name for a start.

Go on, show me some love.