Thursday, 1 December 2016

2016 Resident Advisor DJ Poll - My Top 5

I like polls.  I like voting.  I also like DJs.

These are my top 5:

Julietta never lets me down.  I haven't seen her in years but her sets just get better and better.

Barac encapsulates the sound that I am most into right now, that hypnotic, Romanian minimal sound that is really growing.  His productions are amazing and his DJ sets - triptastic.

It should be no surprise that Craig Richards features as he does every year.  Utterly reliable and utterly underground.

Sonja Moonear keeps impressing - I have seen her a couple of times this year, one minimal and one techno set.  Both thoroughly excellent.

Finally, Dana Ruh was the highlight at Cocoon in Ibiza for me, such well-constructed sets.

No Ricardo.  Well, he couldn't be bothered to turn up the one time I tried to go see him.  First time I have not voted him in a DJ poll since I discovered who he was.

At some point I shall release my top 500 DJs list.  Yeah, I have a spreadsheet.