Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Not Quite Villalobos-Esque Yet. Except In Some Ways

Friday night was messy.

At least this time I had practised.  I was well prepared.  Lots of music downloaded, new CDs burnt and I practised several times – more than I ever have done.

I still had no idea what I was playing, and certainly no order.  I didn’t even have a first track which is a fairly elementary mistake.

Anyway, I came on just before midnight and Martin had been using USB sticks much to my surprise (I think he had told me but I had declined to listen).  We always seem to have difficulties switching between USB and CDs.  So imagine my panic after a couple of minutes into my set when I realised that the track sounded like it was on loop.  I don’t actually know how to use the looping function (well I have an idea but I’ve hardly ever practised it so I wouldn’t dare use it).

Emergency loop was on.  What the hell?

It kind of worked as my music is quite repetitive at times but I didn’t have a clue why.  In the end I just mixed the track on the other deck – the emergency loop stopped once I took the CD out and put it back in again.

Ahhh technology.  Then the left deck wouldn’t play at the same volume as the right deck.  Had I accidentally turned up to Zeus?

I then figured out I had knocked the crossfader – again I never use the crossfader so it isn’t something I immediately considered.  I managed to knock it all the way across later when trying to cut another track in so I was cutting into silence.  Great one.  But of course, it just sounded like I was playing and getting busy with my mixes – I do do quite a lot of cutting nowadays.

To me it was like a Villalobos-esque trainwreck at times – a couple of my mixes just didn’t work, one was way, way too low-key after quite a heavy track, though I was trying this out on purpose – again Villalobos-esque to flip between minimal styles and heavier house tracks.

Yeah I was wasted too.  V v v v v v v.......esque.

It was busy all night and the crowd stuck with me no matter what I did – even through the fuck-ups though most of them actually worked – and through my repetitive minimal.  I could actually feel the crowd willing me to play something with more of a beat and there I was merrily enjoying my 12-minute long minimal track.

I particularly enjoyed playing this beast of a track – a DJ Rush heavy-duty house track from many a year ago…decades in fact.

I was ready to finish close to 2pm when the next DJ turned up – he had surrounded the booth with his buddies and I had run out of ideas.  Plus I needed some fresh air, it really gets warm in that booth.

And I just want to get down to Chaka Khan.

Which annoying the next DJ cut out of half-way through.

Next time I am really looking forward to being the first DJ, and being able to do my minimal thing though I might progress into some proper deep house.  I keep meaning to do a real deep house set.

I actually feel that I am groping towards my own style, at last, both in terms of music and mixing.  I’m not there yet though.  Were it not for the fuck-ups that would have been an amazing set – and less stressful too!  Maybe I should drink less next time.

Also very much looking forward to having Tim Sharpe back next time as our headliner.

And looking ahead, I am craving the simplicity of having vinyl and vinyl decks to play on.  Though I won’t be buying any until January at the earliest.

See you on 16th October.