Saturday, 16 December 2017

The Last Set At Purple Turtle

I should be enjoying a hangover right now - I would have been DJing last night.

Two months since it came to an end and it was a pretty fitting night.

I couldn't find anywhere to stay over so I decided to come home the next morning (via an after-party).

On warm-up duties, as usual, but with the hope and expectation of more people there than usual I had decided that I would try to get to a party style by the end of the set.

No time to practice, I had about 4 hours of tracks that I really, really wanted to play - I wanted to fit a couple of favourites from over the years in, I had some new tracks that I was really keen to play too.

But I also wanted to express my annoyance and upset at the night coming to an end - so I wanted some darkness in there too.  Not too much, but enough.

The darkness came from tracks like Geometry Engine from Monolake - something I recently bought on vinyl and have played a few times.  I did manage to fit in quite a few dark tracks, quite bassline-led kind of techno - but not techno.

I sneaked in some techno and trance - one of the curiosities of the night is that the only requests I had were for techno - the crowd was actually a pretty good crowd, enhanced by a good amount of friends being out.

It wasn't without difficulties - the mixer kept cutting out the bass when mixing...at the time I concluded (after a panic) that it was a problem with the monitor speakers so wasn't too fussed about it...only after did I realise that it was the mixer not recognising changes in the bass levels.

If you listen to the recording, then you'll notice a few times where the bass comes in at odd moments.

I only played around 30-40 minutes of minimal before going into house music - and even the minimal had a moment of recognition.  I do love my minimal - but the crowd at the Turtle were never that into it.

Apart from the bass levels issue, I was quite proud of my work...it wasn't perfect, one or two tracks I wouldn't have played with hindsight.

Will I DJ again?

I hope so.  I haven't got the urge to even have a mix right now, but it will come back.

My priority by a long way is making a success of my new career.  If I have spare time then I'd rather be practising coding than DJing.

We shall see.