Thursday, 16 February 2012

Minus 10 Point 2 - My Fourth Recorded DJ Mix

This mix didn't really have a particular objective like my previous two released mixes (and the one unreleased one which I need to re-do so it can have a very special surprise on).

I simply had a craving to get a good chunk of the fantastic new tunes I have discovered into a mix - I started off with a pool of 25 tracks and a vague direction.

I wasn't overly in love with it on my first listen back but I am growing to love it.

I hope you do too.

Oh the name is quite uninspired - it was simply the lowest temperature last weekend in Reading when it was damn cold.  Maybe this will warm you up?

James x

1. Solomun - Something We All Adore - I am becoming a huge fan of Solomun and I really want to go see him DJing at some point in 2012.  I love this track and it shows the intention of my mix.
2. Ruede Hagelstein & The Noblettes - A Priori (Noir Remix) - This just took the mix up a gear in my opinion, more lovely basslines.
3. Metrika - You Owe Me A Feeling - More emotive slow house.
4. Jamie Jones - Rockbat - I've slowed this down considerably and it chugs along bleeping merrily - nice not to have any vocals in it!  And he gave it away free - another good reason to use it!
5. My Favourite Robot - Forest Fires - This just seemed to work perfectly, I am a big fan of My Favourite Robot and this is more emotive kind of deep vocal house, first discovered on the Visionquest fabric CD.
6. Storm Queen - It Goes On (Dub) - This makes total sense as the next track - I discovered this on the Art Department Essential Mix which is excellent.
7. Laura Jones - Love In Me (Eats Everything's Loving You Re-Work) - I was wondering what to play before my next tune and thought about playing the original which I love but it has been around for a while now and this remix by an artist that I am most definitely keeping my eye on for 2012 seemed to take it in the direction I wanted.
8. Aardvarck - That Pig (Unreleased Extended Mix) - There wasn't really any way for me to mix this well but I wanted to play it so in it went, a better DJ would have been able to do it with effects and loops etc - I'm not at that stage yet.  This really takes the mix up a notch or five in a garage style.  Just try telling me you don't love those 90's garage synth stabs!
9. Idjut Boys - Droid - I was struggling to think of something that would work and didn't have much time so I dug out this dub disco track from a few years back - I knew where I wanted to go but had to slow it down quite a lot.
10. Doctor's Cat - Feel The Drive - Another one that wasn't really going to mix easily - I discovered this on an old Secretsundaze mix cd and it is cool as.  DISCO!
11. Metronomy - She Wants (Javi Redondo & Carreno Is Lb Re-Edit) - This track is such a tease, I fell in love with it despite a rotten hangover.  I was going to end with it...but...
12. Art Department & Seth Troxler - Living The Life (Aba Therapy Version) - I was going to put this track much earlier in the mix but I thought it finished off things well, I love the plinking sounds.

And that is that.