Thursday, 15 May 2014

DJ Goals

I’ve been thinking about what I most would like to do as a DJ over the next year or so.

I shall keep it realistic as I don’t think my reputation is yet sufficient enough to be getting booked for the terrace in Amnesia.  One day I will be as good a DJ as Paris Hilton.

I want musical challenges, I love playing house music but I will get booked for other house music nights at some point so here is my wish-list:

1. Do a full-on disco set, mostly 70’s but also 80’s and more modern disco too.  Mixing stuff like Fern Kinney with Prins Thomas.

2. Do a full-on techno set.  128+BPM – hammer it out.  Somewhere kind of in between Nina Kraviz, Chris Liebing and Ben Klock.

3. Do an electro set, a mix of 80’s and mid-2000’s – think Ladytron, Depeche Mode, Fischerspooner.

4. Do a slow house set – no higher than 115bpm – would probably need to be outside, sunny and daytime – or at 4am.

5. Have my own weekly residency where I can play whatever music I like.  Though that would be a massive commitment.

I appreciate this is a slight tangent, but you can find a picture of almost any land-based animal DJing on Google.  Anyway, back to something relevant and less interesting. 

I am not exactly being bowled over with offers for DJ sets right now, though due to unfortunate timing I have had to turn down two DJ sets recently, one that I would absolutely love to have done, the other was very appealing too.

I have never asked promoters to give me a set, I am still deluded enough to think that I will be “discovered”.

However for most of the above goals, I do need to make these happen myself and not wait for them to happen.

Whether that be contacting promoters or even maybe promoting a night myself to be able to play such a set – if anyone fancied being a joint-promoter to do a (probably one-off) disco, techno, slow-house or electro night, I could be up for it.

I am going to set a plan into action and make sure at least two of the above happen this year.

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