Thursday, 18 July 2013

Very Exciting News!

I have news.  Exciting news.  The most exciting news of my burgeoning superstar DJ career so far.

I am playing the main room of Zeus (probably the worst named club ever?!) on Saturday 7th September 2013.

Just how gorgeous is this poster?  Especially with my name on it.

Without doubt the set I am most excited about and am honoured – it feels like my reward for doing so well on my previous set.  So excited that I am not looking for any other bookings until then as I really want to concentrate on this one.  It is an opportunity to impress.  And I will do.

I was in Zeus this weekend and it did have a bit of that feeling from when Mango was good - lots of people were having a good time.  If you haven't already been I can recommend it.

I suspect I will be playing my house style, example below, rather than my minimal/deep style – I love both but as there will be 100+ people in full on party-mode from a boat party, there will be little point in playing 18-minute Villalobos hypnotic grooves.

Just pray for rain so everyone doesn’t go into the garden!

I hope you can make it.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for ticket announcements.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

I Need A Torch

I had a little DJ set the other week at an event called Hubfest.

I was actually a little nervous as the event was an indie/rock event and I was the after-party DJ – what would I play?

It was held at Face Bar.  For those who haven’t been, it is a tiny bit dated and in need of a bit of love but perfect for the event and far better than playing in a pretentious nobfactory.  Mention no names.  Lo La Lame.

The DJ booth was a little small, plus I had to bring my own decks which was an effort and a half with an oncoming chest infection, thankfully I had two top guys to help with the driving and carrying, and one to share the DJing.  And it was very dark in the booth, I couldn’t see what was on my cds.

My set – well I was playing to a varying amount of people, an average of 2, and I did have a dancer for a few minutes.  I tried to play some kind of indie-feeling house tracks like the below LCD Soundsystem classic but in the end settled for playing what I enjoyed.  House.

Also the sound was set up for rock bands so I realised that I had to keep the mids and trebles low and bass high for it to sound good.

Definitely a learning set.

My conclusion is that I need a torch.

I do have some very exciting news for September but am keeping it a secret until it is announced.  It will be my biggest and more important set so far.

I am super excited but clearly my brilliance and exquistive music taste deserves it, like you all deserve the admiration and appreciation of a soon to be superstar DJ.