Thursday, 19 December 2013

Dare You Trance It Again?

Trance has been a dirty word in the underground world for some time.  Not any more.

In a way that reminds me of the resurgence of techno and more recently garage, trance is back.  But thankfully, not as you remember it.

A deeper, more intelligently structured form, taking on the learning’s of minimal – just as house music has done in recent years.  But keeping the dreamy emotions and melodies that trance suits times of new hope – befitting the economic recovery in the UK (just as in 1992, 1998 and 2003/04 – other economic boom times – always matching peaks in trance output).

This mix took me out of my house-orientated comfort zone.  It is clearly more difficult to choose, order and mix 12 tracks each with differing melodies – one can more easily get away with an imperfectly timed mix of minimal/house – this doesn’t apply so easily with this sound I call deep trance.

I needed a few attempts to get it to a point where it was acceptable to me – there are still one or two minor imperfections and one track in particular I did not EQ very well – it was 12 minutes long so I went to sort out my washing and came back realising it didn’t sound too good.

But I had to move on to more important DJ projects (you know who you are!).  In the grand scheme of DJing I am still a beginner and imperfections are part of my human nature of continually improving and progressing.

Don’t worry, it is unlikely I will be warming up for Armin Van Buuren any time soon.  I am an underground house kid at heart, that is what I want to play, but always have looked for ways to push the boundaries of acceptability and it is likely that you will hear more of these sounds in my sets going forwards.

Would I play for a trance night?  Never say never.

I hope your enjoyed it and maybe found it enlightening enough to share.  And see some of you at Zeus on Saturday 21stDecember.  Or 28th December.

Much love x