Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Last Ever Purple Turtle Night

So we received news the other week that this coming Friday 20th October, was going to be our last night at the Purple Turtle.

I was gutted.  I am gutted.

I think we've done a great job of enhancing the reputation of the Purple Turtle as a house/techno destination in Reading, and more importantly providing underground house/techno of the sort that is very difficult to find in Reading.  I don't think there is anyone doing anything musically the same as what we do, on a regular basis in Reading (I stand to be corrected).

When we started, the night was generally quite quiet.  The third Friday of the month is a notoriously difficult night to fill a venue, as many people are beginning to wait for payday.

Now it is rammed every time we do it - even in months you wouldn't expect, like January and August.

The secret is nothing too special - we've simply put on good underground house and techno DJs, and provided something reliable for people to go to every month.  Reading isn't exactly blessed with underground house/techno, I've always been convinced of the demand, and sure enough almost every night there was great.

Alas, the Purple Turtle are changing music policy to drum'n'bass on a Friday, so I am told.  The irony of being killed by drum'n'bass.

I kind of understand it - drum'n'bass is very popular in Reading.  But so is our night.  Our night that I have helped to grow.

Whilst I may disagree with the Purple Turtle's decision, it has been a pleasure to work with them and DJ there.  It has suited our busy lifestyles, we don't have to do much in the way of promotion, we turn up and play good music.  The equipment and sound-system are decent enough, it's a good space and we get a few beers thrown in too.

Being able to DJ there once a month has really helped to improve me as a DJ, and form me as such.  I'm still not as good as I want to be - I probably never will be.

I will always be thankful to them for allowing the night, and even more so to Martin and JP for having me on board in the first place.  It's unlikely I would still call myself a DJ now, otherwise.

And of course to all of our headliner DJs for making the event what it is.  And to everyone that has come down for a dance, whether in support or just because they wanted a bloody good night out with some very fine music.

This could be the last time I DJ in Reading.  It is quite a mission to get there on a Friday night and organise somewhere to stay - it costs me money to DJ and I am not exactly struggling to spend my limited funds.  If an opportunity comes along, then I would be interested, though it would have to be worthwhile.

Ideally I'd rather do something in London if I am going to do something.

But I don't have time to promote a proper night, and I am not good at arse-licking other promoters.  An arrangement like we had at the Purple Turtle would be ideal.  Maybe I could even resurrect Free House Project if I found a suitable London pub with decks and a decent enough soundsystem.

Though given my lack of time, and other priorities in life such as my new career, this could easily be my last ever DJ set.  Ever.

Hopefully not.  But it is a realistic possibility.

If you are free on Friday 20th October, it would be very nice to see you.