Saturday, 13 October 2012

Unexpected Update

Us prospective superstar DJs live an uncertain life between the realms of excitement and delusion.

I have actually been putting the hours in the last couple of weeks to practice, and I was looking forward to a good night out on Friday when the call came "Do you want to play for the first 45 minutes?".

I thought for about 30 seconds.

"Hell yes" was answer.

So instead of preparing for a night out, I had to quickly think about which of the zillions of tracks I have, I should play.

I only played maybe half a dozen tracks, but it all seemed to go well, and I actually got people dancing!  OK two of them were my friends, but there were other people dancing too.

I started with:

And finished with:

It was a really enjoyable 45 minutes, my first taste of CDJ2000's - wow they are superb.  Sub89 does have a really good set up.  I was perhaps a little overwhelmed with two Martin Audio monitor booth speakers at first as I am rather not used to that but all was good.

And the night I played for, Listed, was run by good people with really good taste in music, so I hope they have more nights in Reading at Sub89.

Anyway, back to my teleport, I need a beer.