Monday, 30 June 2014

I Didn't Have A Title For This Blog Post But I Do Now

The last time I DJ’d I was shocking.  I properly train-wrecked at least 3, probably 4 mixes – granted I was off my face, I couldn’t even see the decks at one point and I still had a fair few compliments (or platitudes) but I was pretty miffed with myself.

Saturday was time to make amends.

I did have a few questions in the run-up though:

1. Am I actually any good?
2. Will I ever make any progress?
3. Do I actually love it enough to keep going?

Due to my previous mess-up, I practiced more than usual, I was well-prepared, focused and perhaps most importantly – sober (bar a couple of beers).

The night was a hard house night, but I was in the house-orientated garden, playing at 230am after Samuel El-Calor who I expected to play a few BPM faster than I usually would so I decided to play quite dark and techy to begin with at a rather fast paced 126BPM (well it is fast for me anyway), starting with Alan Fitzpatrick’s Skeksis, and moving onto this monster remix from Maceo Plex:

The first 4-5 tracks of mine were rather dark in nature and I don’t think the crowd were especially into it so I switched to some very danceable house music, dropping the BPM to 124, such as this bouncy beauty that Sven has been hammering:

I had three goals in mind whilst DJing, firstly to have fun, secondly to make sure the promoter, JP, told me that he loved it, and thirdly to get the hot Spanish girl that was sat down to dance (I assume she was Spanish – her tan looked real and she had one side of her hair shaved short, which is as Spanish as paella, at least it was in Ibiza last year).

All three goals were achieved – she danced, I had a hell of a lot of fun and danced the way through my set (or at least bobbed up and down at the beginning) and JP loved it enough to sing along with me to this below track – which was the peak of my enjoyment.

Thankfully I did really well - one of my best sets.

It being Zeus it wasn’t without a hitch – the play button on one of the CDJs was sticky and would therefore pause the track occasionally, it only happened whilst cueing up at first thankfully, but it happened repeatedly during the above track – perhaps it disagreed with the lyrics.

So I have answers to my questions:

1. Am I actually any good?  I can be as long as I practice and can see the decks.
2. Will I ever make any progress?  Probably not but having fun and playing good music is what matters.
3. Do I actually love it enough to keep going?  Hell yes.

I am not exactly being overloaded with bookings this year so I have no idea when my next set will be.  Most important to me right now is getting a new mix complete and uploaded, but if any promoters are reading then I am available.

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