Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Tale Of Three Requests

It seems ages ago now – I had this blog written in full then I didn’t post it.  I don’t know why and I cannot remember what I did with it.

But it being my month of sobriety, I can remember the night in full, even more than two weeks later.

And not only that – I can listen to my set over and over.  Which I have done.

And you can too.

The night itself was more memorable in terms of 3 requests.  You know, the usual DJs moaning bullshit though I do actually appreciate those who make the effort to come and ask me, or just talk to me – except perhaps those that refuse to say accept the word ‘no’ and keep pestering you in the belief that annoying the fuck out of the DJ will make him see the light that an MC really would go down well over minimal techno.

The first request came before I’d even started.  There was no music – the set-up was being set up, yet these slightly kind of street girls asked what music I was going to be playing.  “Minimal techno”, I responded.

“What?  Cayynnt ya play sum bashment?”.  I have no more than a vague idea what bashment is – I explained to my future crowd of 3 that I simply didn’t have any on me.  I didn't even have any Julio Bashmore on me.  They left.

I started playing my minimal, I was a couple of tracks in when my next assailant approached, requesting that I charge up his cigarette.  Bemused, I tried to clarify that I wasn’t a cigarette charging station – “But it just needs 5 minutes”.  No.  He was quite insistent that it wouldn’t cause us any issues but eventually he accepted that I was DJing as we ushered him towards the outside bar that “would probably have somewhere to charge it”.

Then this really cute girl approached.  I smiled yet sighed internally wondering what the hell she wanted.  Rihanna?  Micky Minaj?  Madonna?

No.  She just wanted to say that she really liked my music and was surprised to hear minimal in Reading.  Yes she actually liked minimal.  And didn’t even have any requests for me.  I even spoke to her for a little bit – this is why I need business cards!!

Most of the rest of my set went smoothly, bar when my accomplice accidentally knocked the reverse button whilst trying to set up a stand for the next DJ.

The crowd filled up – a few people went a bit crazy and I really enjoyed my set.  In fact, the first hour was probably as good as I’ve ever played – the second hour I did end up playing one or two more big tunes than I should have done – well, big tunes for me anyway.

Next time up we have an actual headliner – Hannah Wild.  I’ve had a listen and she plays good tech-house – I don’t always enjoy the music of our guest DJ, being the picky sod that I am, but I reckon I will approve this time.

See you there.