Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pavement Cyclist - Recorded Mix Number Six

I am not a huge fan of techno. I wouldn't normally play it unless I was in the mood and the crowd were up for it. 

I much prefer house music. 

However I hate pavement cyclists. They are a menace to society. I want rid of them. Now I am not a violent person nor do I approve of violence so I decided the best way to show my distaste towards the pavement cyclist scumbags that every day impede upon my peaceful pedestrian activities was to record a techno mix influenced by them. 

Dedicated to anyone who has had to move out of the way for those selfish arseholes. 

This is my sixth publicly available DJ mix and I have plenty more planned.


1. Marc Houle - Seeing In The Dark
2. Eric Johnston - Waiting For Weird
3. Clouds - Optic
4. Wolfgang Voigt - Kafkatrax 3.2
5. Excercise One - Top Score!
6. Soul Center - Dyr Bul Scyl
7. Vitalic - La Rock 01
8. Hrdvsion - Prettier Than That
9. A. Mochi - Black Reigns
10. Planetary Assault Systems - Sucktion
11. Traversable Wormhole - Where 2d Meets 3d (Chris Liebing Remix)
12. Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda - Eucalypse Now!
13. Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance