Sunday, 2 April 2017

New Mix: Brexit

You would have thought that with being unemployed that I would be behind my decks every day and night.


I've been practicing less.  And it isn't exactly as if I am the perfect DJ, and don't need any practice.  It isn't exactly as if I don't have the inspiration - there are too many mixes that I want to do.  It isn't exactly as if I don't have the time - though I don't actually have the time - or I don't make the time.

But then I just had to get this mix out of me.  A beastly, dark techno mix that represents my feelings on a subject close to my heart - Brexit.

Lots of anger, lots of darkness - some pretty tough techno inside - not one for a jolly, sunshine-filled Sunday morning.

There are a few, hmmm, different tracks in there, something uplifting, something unusual and a couple of older tracks to finish.  Though there is also a rather gnarly track halfway through which I think is quite a challenge to listen to.

Some of the mixing could be better, but hey, I don't practice enough so what do you expect?  Though I definitely hit the sweet spot in the second half for a while and I bloody well enjoyed that part.

Hopefully, despite the intentional darkness, it will provide more satisfaction than Brexit itself.

I've also created a new look for my 'brand' (sigh) - at least for the DJ mix covers anyway - combining obscure street art with a more caring, artistic font.  Maybe I'll replicate it onto my website too one day.

Feedback always welcomed, even if you think it is shit.

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